Rians® Premium
-190 gsm
-Reactive dying process (all colours including black)
-100% pre-shrunk cotton (compacted fabric with no shrinking after wash)
-Lycra collar rib
-Shoulder to shoulder top stitch
-Tubular construction

-Available Sizes: XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL


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Table for All Colors and Sizes

White5XL7 in stock
Black5XL5 in stock
Black4XLOut of stock
MaroonXS19 in stock
MaroonS35 in stock
MaroonM23 in stock
MaroonL27 in stock
MaroonXL19 in stock
Maroon2XL27 in stock
Maroon3XL6 in stock
Royal BlueXS20 in stock
Royal BlueS22 in stock
Royal BlueMOut of stock
Royal BlueLOut of stock
Royal BlueXL16 in stock
Royal Blue2XL3 in stock
Royal Blue3XL7 in stock
Light Grey MelangeXS6 in stock
Light Grey MelangeS5 in stock
Light Grey MelangeM10 in stock
Light Grey MelangeL10 in stock
Light Grey MelangeXL5 in stock
Light Grey Melange2XL17 in stock
Light Grey Melange3XL3 in stock
Dark PurpleXS12 in stock
Dark PurpleS17 in stock
Dark PurpleMOut of stock
Dark PurpleLOut of stock
Dark PurpleXL20 in stock
Dark Purple2XL38 in stock
Dark Purple3XL18 in stock
TurquoiseXS25 in stock
TurquoiseS1 in stock
TurquoiseMOut of stock
TurquoiseL9 in stock
TurquoiseXL12 in stock
Turquoise2XL14 in stock
Turquoise3XL11 in stock
Red3XL10 in stock
RedXS13 in stock
RedS5 in stock
RedMOut of stock
RedLOut of stock
RedXL5 in stock
Red2XL14 in stock
BlackMOut of stock
BlackLOut of stock
BlackXL27 in stock
Black2XL25 in stock
Black3XLOut of stock
WhiteS35 in stock
WhiteXS18 in stock
WhiteM19 in stock
WhiteLOut of stock
WhiteXLOut of stock
White2XL44 in stock
White3XL21 in stock
Navy BlueXS9 in stock
Navy BlueS20 in stock
Navy BlueM30 in stock
Navy BlueL20 in stock
Navy BlueXL20 in stock
Navy Blue2XL10 in stock
Navy Blue3XL1 in stock
BlackXS48 in stock
BlackSOut of stock
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Exclusive heavyweight fabric for elegant feel and lasting wear.

  • 190 gsm

  • Reactive dyeing (all colours including black)

  • 100% Cotton Single Jersey

  • Pre-Shrunk

  • Lycra collar rib

  • Shoulder to shoulder chain top stitch

  • Tubular construction

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Black, Dark Melange, Dark Purple, Light Grey Melange, Maroon, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, White


2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, L, M, S, XL, XS